Oxygen booster


Rebreater Oxygen Booster: The compact booster series for compressing oxygen

The ROB series has been developed for users who want to compress oxygen up to 300 bar effectively and quickly. Professional scuba divers use ROB-Boosters to fill their oxygen bottles or to mix different gases for technical diving. Compressing oxygen is safe and easy. That's what we learn from the Rebreather Oxygen Series, in short: ROB. ROBs are powered by 10 bar from the low pressure network. Alternatively, ROBs can also be powered by a gas cylinder. Even a manual handling is possible. In short: ROBs are operational at any time and any place. Because of the little weight ROBs can be handled quite flexibly – either portable on a submersible or completely installed in a fire station.

With their six different models the ROS series has the perfect solution for any kind of usage. Even at a low inlet pressure the desired working pressure can be achieved quickly. Thus, you are able to reach an optimum usage of the oxygen bottles.


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