General Terms and Conditions




The following terms and conditions are valid for all contracts, deliveries and other services provided by Pressure Point Germany, represented by Alexander Abbas, Affinger Str. 12-14, D-86167 Augsburg.
Differing regulations of the contracting party are explicitly rejected.
The terms and conditions of the contracting party do not apply, even if the contracting party points them out in connection with an order and Pressure Point Germany rejects them.
Pressure Point Germany has the right to change or accompany these terms and conditions and its attachments within an appropriate period of notice. Contracts that were closed beforehand are processed under the valid old terms and conditions.



Customers have the possibility to order products in the company's premises, at fairs or exhibitions, on the homepage of Pressure Point Germany
(, via email, telephone, direct mail or fax message. Please, note the following when ordering on our homepage:
Technical steps that lead to closing the contract:
As soon as a customer has decided to order a product, he can add it to the electronic cart, also adding the desired amount. The content of the cart can be checked by clicking the cart button in the upper menu bar. To initiate the ordering process you have to click on ''checkout''. If the cutomers has not registered to the shop system yet, he has to do so at this stage. Afterwards the delivery options and charges are shown. After having decided for a delivery option, the customer has to click ''continue''. At that stage the customer decides for a apyment type. Depending on the value of the order, the customer can choose between prepayment, cash on delivery, bank transfer and PayPal. After having chosen a payment type, the customer has the choice to add a note to the order. Afterwards the terms and conditions have to be read and agreed to by ticking them. To finish the  ordering process the customer has to click ''continue'' again. Now he is shown all the given details as well as the products ordered. At that point he needs to check all the details again and change them if necessary. When all the products and details have been checked, the customer needs to click ''order'' the send the order. Now the customer is informed that the details have been sent to him via email. He also gets the opportunity to click ''print'' to directly print the details of his order.
By ordering an article the customer declares that he wants to purchase the chosen products indeed.
After having ordered a product that customer receives an automatical email about transferring the order to Pressure Point Germany. After receipt of order the customer receives a confirmation via email. However, with this confirmation the contract has not been closed yet. A contract is only closed after the customer has accepted the delivery.
Storage of contract
The customer has the opportunity to check the contractual clauses and the terms and conditions at any time when storing it on the compruter or printing it. Upon request the contractual clauses and the terms and conditions are send to the customer via email.

Recognizing and correcting errors at data entry
The customer can recognize errors at the data entry by checking his data. If certain facts are missing the customer is made aware of adding them. While ordering the customer is able to delete information that has already been given or to add or change facts. Right after having received the confirmation the customer is able to correct errors at the data entry by sending an email to us.
Languages in which contracts can be closed
Closing a contract is possible in the German and the English language.
Codes of conduct
Pressure Point Germany has not submitted to any codes of conduct.
Basic features of goods
The basic features of the products offered by Pressure Point Germany are decribed on the respective supple-site.



Content and scope of deliveries and services provided by Pressure Point Germany have to be checked online (, where you can also find a detailed description of the products as well as the item number and delivery options.
Payments can be made in the following ways: prepayment, cash on delivery and PayPal.
A product is delivered to the customer after the full payment that has been agreed upon has been received unless the customer wishes to pay cash on delivery.



If the customer is the consumer, the risk of damage or loss of the product is passed to the costumer by handing the product over to him.



Relevant are the prices that are published on the homepage at the date of ordering a product.
All prices include a VAT of 19%. A customary packaging is included in the price od each product.
The prices for shipping / delivery are not included. The amount can be checked online.
When using the prepayment option, the customer receives an email after the payment has been appeared on the bank account of Pressure Point Germany, confirming the payment. If the product is paid cash on delivery the customer receives a shipping / delivery confirmation via email.
The purchaser can only then offset claims of the vendor if the counterclaim of the purchaser is undisputed.


If the customer is the consumer and the contract is closed exclusively via remote communication, the costumer has the right of revocation (§ 355BGB).

You are allowed to revocate a contract (e.g. via direct mail, fax message or email) without giving reasons within 2 weeks or by sending the product back. The period of two weeks starts after having accepted these terms and conditions, however, not before the product has been delivered to the customer and not before we have fulfilled our notification duty (Art. 246 § 2 + § 1Abs. 1+2 EGBGB). The timely despatch of the revocation or the goods shall be deemed sufficient for compliance with the revocation term.
The revocation needs to be addressed to:

Safe Air & Gas Solutions
Inhaber: Alexander Abbas
Affinger Str. 12-14
D-86167 Augsburg

Fax: 0821-907 955 29

If you effectively exercised your right of revocation, both parties have to reimburse the performances and use (e.g. interest) where applicable.
You may have the obligation to pay compensation for the lost value, if you can not or not reimburse the received goods in total or only in a declined condition. This regulation also comprises those impairments, which are generated from the normal utilization of the goods.
Impairments generated by the examination of the goods are excluded from this obligation.
We advise you, that you can avoid the obligation to pay compensation for the lost value, if you treat the goods like foreign property until the end of the period. You should omit anything that could affect the value of the goods and treat them as goods in a retail shop.
The goods that can be shipped in a package will be sent back on the risk of the vender.
The customer must perform obligations with regard to the reimbursement of payments within 30 days of sending the revocation.
The notification period for the customer starts by sending the note of revocation, for us it starts when receiving this note.



Pressure Point Germany warrants that the products are free of deficiencies and that they meet the agree guarantees.
There will be no claims for defects in the following cases:
• only slight variation from the agreed quality
• only slight impairment of serviceability
Claims for defects are possible, provided that the cause of the physical defect already existed at the time the risk of loss passed.
In case of a material defect the product will either be repaired or replaced. Parts that have been replaced are property of Pressure Point Germany. If Pressure Point Germany is not able to repair or replace the product or if this means excessive additional costs or if
Pressure Point Germany does not replace or repair the product within an agreed period of time, the customer is allowed to lower the price or to withdraw from the purchase agreement.
If Pressure Point Germany replaces a product because of a defect, the customer has to hand out the defect product. In case of withdrawal the purchase price is refunded.
Generally the warranty lasts for 2 years. If the customer is an entrepreneur, the warranty lasts for one year only, as far as no other agreements have been made.
Regardless of this knowledge, claims shall become time barred 2 years after occurrence of the damage.
The limitation period starts when the product is delivered to the customer.
The legal regulations referring to the purchase of consumer goods shall remain unaffected.




The legal provisions apply.



The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply.
The place of contractual fulfilment and exclusive court of jurisdiction for both parties Augsburg, provided the Exhibitor is a business entity. However, Pressure Point Germany has the right to sue the customer in any other legally appointed court.
lf individual provisions of the contract with the customer including these standard conditions and terms of business should be or become party or wholly legally invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions will not be affected by this.